Academic activities

The Panel of Experts of Klishin & Partners was established in 1996. Its main objectives include: elaboration of expert recommendations and opinions, holding of seminars and discussions on matters related to the current Russian legislation, debating on drafts of statutory acts, as well as on law-enforcement practices. Moreover, the Panel analyzes and summarizes the information about the application of existing laws by government agencies, the issues that arise in the court practices, as well as other legal matters that require scientific assessment and generalization.

The Panel is chaired by Prof. Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of Russia. Well-known scientists, politicians, government officials, legislators, representatives of judicial and educational communities take part in its activities. Since its establishment the Panel has been reviewing topical issues related to application of specific norms of law, operation of different institutes of civil legislation, constitutionality of specific provisions of financial and tax laws, practices of application of housing and inheritance laws, as well as issues that arise in the course of enforcement proceedings. The results of the Panel’s activities are reflected in the articles published in the country’s leading media sources, seminars and conferences organized by the Panel, cooperation with the government agencies in charge of law-making and law-enforcement.

The Panel of Experts operates with the participation of Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Advocacy Chair of MGIMO University and International Institute of Commercial Law.

Chairman of the Panel

Prof. Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of Russia,

Scientific Advisor of Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law.