Authors: V.D. Volkov (Chapter 5); N.А. Yeliseyeva (Chapter Х1); А.А. Klishin, Doctor of Law (Chapter I, VI,X, XV, co-author: A.A. Shugaev, Doctor of Law); А.А. Klishin, Candidate of Science (Law) (Chapter XiV); V.L. Entin, Candidate of Science (Law) (Chapter XIII) and others. This book covers the aspects of advocacy and advocateship that are of highest […]

Vladimir Entin – Vedomosti: Danila Kozlovsky brought legal action against a russian streaming service. He would not face any problem with its

Publication date: 10.08.2022, Author: Vladimir Entin, Source: Vedomosti Attorney Vladimir Entin from Klishin & Partners believes that there would hardly be any problem with the recovery of the debt.  Vedomosti, 28.04.2022, Maria Istomina The subject of the legal action was Kozlovsky’s mini-series transferred to a streaming service for 957.5 million RUR, the fee which the […]