The Advocacy Chair of the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations (University) of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO University) started its educational activities in the 2nd semester of 2003/04 academic year.


K&P attorneys form the core of the Chair’s academic staff.

The Chair is headed by Prof. А.А. Klishin, Doctor of Law.

His Deputy in the Chair is Prof. Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of the Russian Federation.

Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law and MGIMO University, one of the country’s oldest educational institutions for specialists in international affairs, have established their close business relations long ago. This fact is confirmed by the signature of K&P/MGIMO Cooperation Agreement in April 1995.

Acting under this Agreement, our law firm, represented by its Panel of Experts, holds joint meetings with the University’s academic staff and renders information support to the educational facilities of MGIMO Law Faculty by way of supplying them with the RF legislative acts and international law contained in the installed and regularly updated ConsultantPlus legal database.

We also render financial assistance the best students of the Faculty and enable them to engage in traineeships in the K&P head office.

For several years Attorney Vladimir Entin, Cand. Sc. (Law), Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Legal Protection, has been lecturing on intellectual property in the European law to the Master’s Degree Students.

Alexey Klishin, founder of K&P; Valery Volkov, its former chairman; and attorneys Anna Klishina and Dmitry Kisterev are the graduates of MGIMO University.

The decision of MGIMO Academic Council to establish the Advocacy Chair in the University’s International Law Faculty was based on the legal principles set out in the RF Federal Law on Advocacy and Advocateship, such principles stating the necessity to enhance the efficiency of the human rights activities in the Russian Federation and carry out the advocate activities on strictly professional basis.

Establishment of this specialized educational unit was aimed at the systematizing of scientific methods and approaches in the activities of Russian advocate community.

The chair’s course includes such subjects as:

·       history of advocacy in Russia;

·       advocate eloquence training;

·       defense in RF Constitutional Court, referee courts and European courts, as well; as in criminal, civil and arbitration proceedings;

·       defense in business relationships and entrepreneurial activities;

·       advocacy in foreign countries,

and many other subjects.

The educational methodology includes lectures, seminars, practical training sessions and theses. 

The Advocacy Chair also carries out scientific research and issues textbooks, monographs, collections of research papers.

Not only the leading K&P attorneys, but also major Russian legal scholars, well-known Russian advocates, officials of law enforcement agencies take part in the activities of the Chair.