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Background Information

Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow is well known in the legal services market since 1990.

Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow renders comprehensive legal assistance to Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals.

Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law was the successor to the law firm of the same name established in 1990. Under Decree № 36 of the Government of Moscow on the Establishment of Third Bar Association in Moscow dated 19 January 1993, the law firm was officially re-established as a Moscow municipal bar association.

In order to improve its communications with clients in various Russian regions and cities K&P expanded the scope of its activities: it established a network of legal advice bureaus in 34 constituent territories of the Russian Federation with the total of 124 attorneys on their payrolls. This entailed another change in its legal status: under Decree № 268 of the Government of Moscow dated 15 April 1997, Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law became an interregional bar association.

Due to the adoption of Federal Law 63-FZ on Advocacy and Advocateship in the Russian Federation dated 31 May 2002, Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law was transformed into Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow.

State Registration Certificate of Legal Entity was obtained on 6 June 2003 under primary state registration number 1037703027670.

Highly skilled and experienced advocates now work in Klishin & Partners. Many of them took direct part in the drafting of laws of the Russian Federation and regulatory legal acts of federal and regional authorities.

Panel of Experts has been working under the auspices of Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow since 1996. Leading Russian advocates, practicing lawyers and legal scholars are among its members. The Panel elaborates recommendations and opinions, holds seminars and discussions on matters related to the current Russian legislation, law enforcement practices and other legal matters.

The Panel is chaired by Professor Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of the Russian Federation.

The Panel reviewed in detail the topical issues related, in particular, to the application of specific norms, operation of different institutes of civil legislation, constitutionality of financial and tax laws, arbitration disputes in the sphere of management, law-enforcement practices in the sphere of execution proceeding. Dozens of theoretical and practical seminars were held and numerous lectures and reports were read by the Panel members. The Panel’s papers were more than once published in the leading Russian periodicals.

Each K&P attorney is an expert in some specific sphere of law. This allows to set up working groups which render all-out advisory services to the clients in almost all issues pertaining to Russian and international laws.

In 2000 — 2001 Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, jointly with Gouldens, a British law firm, won the EBRD tender for the elaboration of the laws of the Russian Federation enabling foreign securities issuers to offer their debentures (bonds) denominated in Rubles. Working in close cooperation with law firms from the US and Europe, K&P attorneys took an active part in the implementation of numerous joint projects involving major foreign companies.

K&P attorneys have positive experience in the advocacy of the government institutions of the Russian Federation. For example, four-year cooperation between Klishin & Partners, the RF Ministry of Finance and the RF State Depository for Precious Metals resulted in the return of more than $40 million worth of valuables and funds of Golden ADA, Inc. to Russia.

In 2009 K&P was the successful bidder in the tender held by the RF Ministry of Justice for the engagement of legal advisors to the Office of the Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation with the European Court of Human Rights — Deputy Minister of RF Minister of Justice. As a result, the RF Ministry of Justice and Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow concluded government contracts for legal services in matters related to criminal, civil and international laws.

Since 2004 K&P attorneys have been in close cooperation with Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations of the RF Foreign Ministry by way of teaching in the Advocacy Chair of its International Law Faculty. The educational methodology includes lectures, seminars, practical training sessions and theses. The Advocacy Chair also carries out scientific research and issues textbooks, monographs, collections of scientific papers. The Chair is headed by Alexey Klishin, Doctor of Law. His Deputy in the Chair is Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of the Russian Federation.

In particular, K&P and the Advocacy Chair published the following books: „Collection of Russian XI-XXI Century Regulatory Papers in the History of Advocacy“ and „Collection of Applicable Legislative and Statutory Acts Governing Advocate Activities in the Russian Federation“. These books are the first in the series of collected papers on the history of advocacy laws both in Russia and abroad.

In November 2010 the revised edition of Volume I of „Civil Law“ textbook prepared under the editorship of Alexey Klishin, Doctor of Law, and Andrey Shugaev, Doctor of Law, Honorary Advocate of the Russian Federation, was published by the Publishing House of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Some K&P attorneys are the members of the Social Council of the Federal Bailiff Service. The Social Council was established in July 2007 as an advisory body designated to ensure the interaction between the public and the Federal Bailiff Service.

Seeking to develop civilized relationships in the sphere of use of works of science, literature, art and subjects of industrial property Klishin & Partners closely cooperates with the Centre for Intellectual Property Legal Protection headed by Vladimir Entin, Attorney of K&P, Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (France).

Klishin & Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow is an active member of the advocate community. Valery Volkov, Chairman of the K&P Presidium was elected to the Board of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates.

Professional skills and scientific potential of the practicing K&P attorneys are the factors that determine the leading position of our law firm in the Russian legal services market.

The main lines of activity of Klishin & Partners are as follows:

  • Representation and protection of clients’ rights and interests in regular courts, arbitration and reference tribunals of the RF, pre-trial stage included; representation of clients in courts and at the execution of judgment stage;
  • Rendering of legal assistance regarding actions for defense of good name and reputation as well as representation in courts on criminal cases.
  • Legal assistance in large-scale projects and deals in investment activities, telecommunications, use of natural resources, real estate, capital construction; legal support for commercial transactions in the sphere of foreign economic activity, defense of clients in matters pertaining to privatization and de-privatization of state and municipal enterprises in the Russian Federation.